Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Boys in the nude!

I love naked baby photos. Two naked babies are irresistible! Here is Caleb's naked behind. Here is Joshua's naked behind. How can I tell? Caleb has two cute little dimples above his bottom. Go ahead go back and check it out. Here is a shot of Joshua's tell tale marker. His birth mark. See on his hip. Well when the picture is bigger its easy to see:) Oh these boys are to cute. Here is the last shot of Joshua. It's not totally in focus, but his pose killed me.


  1. You post a lot of naked photos on your blog and that is a shame! Why don´t you allow them some privacy? Read this, please, and you´ll see what people think about "parents" like you.

  2. Its ok to post what you do. those who see diff. have the wrong things on their mind. People need to learn to look at the beauty of the nude body and leave their sexual thoughts in the bedroom. I feel those that complain all the time are the perverts because of the way they see the photos. You have a lovely family and may God bless you and yours. Thank you for sharing.